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Tianjin Ancient Culture Street

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Tianjin Ancient Culture Street
Pinyin Name
gǔ wén huà jiē
Chinese Name
English/Pinyin Address
tiān jīn shì nán kāi qū tōng běi lù yǔ dōng mǎ lù jiāo kǒu fù jìn
Chinese Address
Distance from subway
>1 km
Nearest Subway
东南角(地铁站) dong nan jiao ( di tie zhan )
Subway Line
Distance From Subway

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Tianhou Temple is an ancient slice of Tianjin filled with traditional craft workers, with their talents on display for all to enjoy.

Tianjin Ancient Culture Street

The Tianhou Temple in Tianjin was built in 1326. Legend has it that Fujian native, surnamed Lin Mingmo, often sailed out to sea to rescue victims of the sea, and was respected as a goddess by future generations. In the Yuan Dynasty, the capital needed to transport a large amount of grain to the north every year, first to Tianjin by sea, and then to the capital by the river. In order to pray for maritime safety, the Yuan government worshipped the escort goddess and built the Tianhou Palace in the coastal towns.

Today, the Tianhou Temple in Tianjin is filled with traditional craft workers. The beauty of these crafts comes from the fact that they seem simple to learn and make, but are highly artistic and incredibly difficult to master.The art of Chinese face molding has been documented since the Han Dynasty. It uses flour and glutinous rice flour as the main raw materials, plus color, paraffin, honey and other ingredients, through the anti-crack and mildew treatment, to make soft dough. The artists pinch and smash the material according to the needs, using a small bamboo knife to dexterously place, cut, engrave, draw, mold the hands, faces, draped hair accessories and clothes to create vivid artistic miniature sculptures.

Hanging money are traditional paper-cut art often seen hanging by doorways. Literal translations are "hanging sign", "hanging a thousand", "hanging money", "passing the door", "door hanging", or Chinese folk engraving (cut) paper art. The clear, exquisite, and beautiful patterns originate from ancient money. They have auspicious patterns and words, with upper edges firmly attached, and the bottoms hanging free to make them flutter with the wind. They express blessings, represent good luck and symbolize wealth, and prosperity.

Ripe pear cake is a kind of folk snack with unique characteristics of Tianjin. The cooked pear cake in Tianjin has always been a popular snack for children. The cooked pear is made of bean that is first ground into a powder residue and steamed as the main ingredient. During production, rice noodles are placed in a raft, steamed on the steamer for one minute, and then various small decorative ingredients are added on. Classically, there were only three fillings of bean, white sugar and red fruit. Gradually over time, it developed to include small varieties of orange, apple, pineapple, strawberry, chocolate, and black sesame, forming an authentic Tianjin snack.

Sugar blowing is famously seen in popular tourist spots across China. It is a Chinese folk handicraft that can be seen at Tianjin Ancient cultural street.

Date of photography:

February 14, 2018

Elder Sugar blower photos taken January, 2019


Shooting location:

Tianjin Shi - Ancient Culture Street

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Translated and repurposed by Andy Lewis for TianjinExpats


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