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Looking for university lecturers

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Hi everyone, my name is Stella and I live & work in Xiqing District at TCJ university. As I am a teacher teaching Chinese and western culture, I am trying to network a bit to find some international students or expats who are interested in talking to my Chinese students about their own culture. I had previously lived and studied in Belgium for a few years so speak fluent English, and so do my students. If anyone here is interested in coming and giving a 10-20 minute speech about your own culture, please find me on wechat. In exchange I would be happy to teach you some Chinese or show you around the city, and perhaps organize some free weekend tours to the nearby floral market or other interesting cultural happenings such as pottery lessons or other Chinese cultural gatherings. And if you do come speak for us, dinner is always on me.  Looking forward to meeting some lovely new people~

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