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Moving to Tianjin in Days

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Hello! Hiring Director,

The pleasure is mine to introduce myself and my experience in work to my next potential employer. I am not sure if I had applied before but I would like to start by saying that I have been happily employed in China for almost 13 years. My name is Glenn Bennett and my Chinese name is 林非. I have a degree in Biology and love science! During the time that I have been in China, I have had the opportunity to teach students from many regions in China of all ages. The University of South Carolina is were I completed college. My major was Biology and although I have had moderate amount of activity regarding Biology, I still have interest in it along with language, art, architecture and astronomy. Many of the schools where I had taught are not listed in my resume. One would be “ABC” training centre where I taught mostly primary and middle school children and also I had worked at the front desk for administration for a brief time. I have just less than exactly 24 years of total work experience in different fields including science, retail, and language learning in my professional career. I can speak Spanish, though I need practice to accelerate my fluency, Chinese and learning Cantonese and French. In the 13 years while being China, teaching has made me more aware the qualities and weaknesses of my students with little or no effort upon observation.

When teaching, I use both humor and innovation in my technique as well as music and discipline. I like try several ways for the students to comprehend the lesson should they encounter difficulty. I used PBT, traditional blackboard use, Phenomenal Based Learning, props, and other ways to both entertain and drill the material taught for the students. I can provide the award that I won because of my skill. Recently I have received an award third place from i2 in the national video competition.

I have briefly worked at Weiming International School at the Spring Campus. I really enjoy working with the kids there because they are so cute and really love who I am as a person. However, because of the distance, and location from my home it became exhausting for me. So I am looking for another school that might be a little bit closer. In short, I am a very interactive and passionate in what I do as a educator or artist for I know it is very difficult to be a student in China. I didn't include any of my references or other forms of documentation at this time for they might seem pushy and overbearing if not yet requested. If you'd like them including my resume from International Institute of Education. Both of my notarizations are complete including my non-criminal report and diploma. My preferences for teaching would be high school, college, an international school, or a training centre for abroad travel such as IELTS. I'm in Beijing currently. I can send a video through Skype or QQ if you like as well.

Skype: Glennrrd2

My Weichat is 18628189290


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