Need Curriculum For Teaching English To Children?

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Need Curriculum For Teaching English To Children?

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I'm a Canadian with over 10 years of English teaching experience. I've taught children aged 3-8 at many schools and international kindergartens in China, but no matter where I worked, there was never good curriculum materials for teaching the students. This made my job more stressful and difficult. I've seen many teachers quit jobs because teaching without good materials, teaching is frustrating and unrewarding and for teachers.
To develop a solution, I spent 3 years creating a highly effective curriculum series. It includes the following features:
⦁ 4 years of material for students aged 4-8.
⦁ The program is divided into 24 units (72 new words / unit), with 1728 words total.
⦁ The curriculum system includes amazing role-play props, which allow students to act out scenes at a restaurant, the doctors, pet shop and other places using hands-on materials.
⦁ Many activities that allow students to have fun while practicing forming sentences and using new and old vocabulary words.
⦁ Compatibility with third-party workbooks.
What I provide:
⦁ The product fee includes installation, training and 2 years of support.
⦁ First, I will meet with you to determine your needs. I can customize the program to fit your school's needs.
⦁ Second, I will deliver the 1728 vocabulary cards, role-play props and other materials included in the program and help you organize the material in your office.
⦁ Third, I will provide 10 hours of training to your staff.
⦁ Finally, I will be available for 2 years to answer any questions you have and help replace any damaged components.
Choosing my product will help your school attract more students, lead to students having better results and encourage teachers to work at your school for longer, because their work is effective and enjoyable.
Contact me at 18310439308 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

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Looking for English teacher
Hi, Natsun. Im impressed by your post. Would you like to teach kids as part time job?
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