Urgent Adoption or foster required 2 cats

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Urgent Adoption or foster required 2 cats

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Hi guys still looking for a home for my cats. Sadly i lost my job and have 6 days left on my visa as I need to go back home. I am trying to find details on how to get my cats home to Pakistan but still haven't got any info at all, secondly still not sure if they can travel to Pakistan or not if yes then I will need someone to foster them till the time their paperwork and everything is ready but if not then i need someone to my cats. Its a very difficult situation for me at the moment but all I can say about the cats are that they are very tame and lovable, one of them still gets scared of new people but gets along in due time and the gray one the big one is very lovable and adjusts very easily. Its with a very heavy heart that i need to do this when its not in my intention. Still figuring things about for their travel but have 6 days left to leave. Adoption or foster both would be helpful. Thank you

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