Bilingual UX Writer (Chinese-English)

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Bilingual UX Writer (Chinese-English)

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We're looking for an experienced, bilingual writer and translator to join our team. Our work spans UI/UX, naming, marketing, branding, user manuals, and of course UX writing and translation. You will be responsible for working with other linguists, as well as the development and design team to find the best writing, translation, and localization solutions for a variety of ICT and consumer products. Your work will be the launching point of further translation into other languages. Ideal candidates will have outstanding written verbal and written communication skills, total fluency in Chinese and English, be culturally fluent and be driven to work towards a common goal.
1.UI translation from Simplified Chinese into English
2.Re-writing or writing content as necessary (technical and marketing)
3.Linguistic testing
4.Cultural adaptation and localization5.Communicating with Chinese teams from different professional backgrounds
1.English Native speaker (From UK/AU/NZ)
2.Proficiency in Chinese (HSK 5 or above)
3.Strong writer
4.Intuitive understanding of how information should be presented and structured
5.Degree in translation, language studies, communications, UI/UX, telecommunications, computer science, or related field
6.Experience in translation, writing, editing, localization, or communications
7. Experience in ICT products preferred
8.Passionate about intercultural communication and sensitivity to cultural differences
9.Curious, quick learner (enjoy learning how things work), and attentive to details
10. Currently in China
Please contact WeChat: maggodzilla if interested 


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