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Maple Leaf Horinger, Inner Mongolia

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Maple Leaf World Schools Finance Town, Horinger, New Area Inner Mongolia, 01150

Purpose of this Document

This document is provided to review the history, vacancies, and a basic overview of what the Horinger campus is seeking to hire in interested teaching candidates for the upcoming 2020-2021 academic year. This is not a contract and is only used for the purposes of recruitment of the Horinger campus. Should the candidate develop further interest in the teaching position(s) then a follow-up interview with a Maple Leaf recruiter will be required.

Educational History & Background

Maple Leaf has grown from one international school in 1995 to China’s largest private education provider. As of 2020, China Maple Leaf Educational Systems has: 28 pre-schools, 27 elementary schools, 26 middle schools, 16 high schools, and 3 foreign national schools. Campus locations vary and are often located on large parcels of land in new development zones. These locations allow the space needed for our classroom teaching spaces, laboratories, special purpose rooms, dance studios, auditoriums, gymnasiums, large outdoor playing courts and fields, student dormitories, cafeterias, administrative offices, and staff apartments.

Teacher Vacancies for 2020-2021

Academic Year

1 Humanities full-time position

*Part-time positions are not available*

What Are We Looking for?

✓ Professional educators with international experiences who are open, flexible, and embrace the mindset of both eastern and western educational values and goals.

✓ Educators who look to create active learning environments in their classes following teaching models that encompass differentiated instruction, backward design, and a growth mindset.

✓ A person who is open to learning and growing in a new culture and one that can adapt to cultural differences and traditions.

✓ An organized, motivated, and energized teacher who takes on responsibility without asking and achieves both professional and personal goals through growth and reflection.

✓ A teacher who sets high expectations for all students and understands the importance of using a variety of viewpoints.

✓ A person with strong communication skills both with students and parents alike.

Applicant Requirements

❖ 4-year bachelor’s degree in their subject area from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, or New Zealand.

❖ Active (non-expired) teaching license in their subject area from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, or New Zealand.

❖ 2 years of previous teaching experience

❖ Master’s degree preferred but not required

Salary & Benefits Salary

MLES has developed a 10-step salary grid for teachers starting at $53,000 CAD. Master’s degree holders receive an additional $1,000 CAD in addition to their current step.


MLES gives first-time Maple Leaf teachers an additional 5,000 (RMB) (taxable) in the first pay period to help offset the cost of initial living expenses incurred in moving to China. Apartments are furnished but not equipped. This allowance is for initial purchases of basic living necessities.


MLES reimburses up to $2,000 CAD for each round-trip economy class flight following the successful completion of one academic year for the teacher, spouses, and dependents living with the teacher in China to their place of origin. Teachers beginning their first year will receive a maximum of $100 CAD for extra baggage.

Vacation Entitlement

MLES Teachers shall be entitled to the annual winter and summer periods, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day in addition to the Chinese holidays referred to in a signed contract. Instructional days may vary from year-to-year dependent upon the school calendar.

Visa and Immunizations

MLES covers most costs, up to specified limits, and assists with applying for visas and resident permits in China. Candidates from outside of Canada will need to decide to visit a Chinese Consulate to obtain their final visa prior to departure.

MLES will reimburse teachers up to a maximum of $300 CAD for medical examinations required as part of the visa process.

MLES will reimburse for basic immunizations up to $250 USD. Receipts are required for all documents.


MLES provides full international medical coverage with the MSH China Company for all foreign teachers and their spouses and dependent children living with the teacher in China.

Teachers are granted a maximum of 5 sick days leave per year with full pay. After the 5 days of sick leave with full pay the Teacher will be granted a further 15 days of sick leave at partial payment.


MLES provides free school tuition for children (dependents) of teachers upon signing a 3-year contract.

Notable Websites

1) Maple Leaf Website: 2) Cognia Accreditation Website:

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