Spanish/Italian Project Specialist

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Spanish/Italian Project Specialist

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This is an Onsite Position for Native speakers of Italian/ Spanish (Latin America regions),
Full-Time Position, provide Z visa
If you are not in China yet, please do not apply, Thank you!
> Consumer field written translation and writing
> Corresponding language grammar rules output & explanation
> Corresponding language voice file recording, acceptance for ICT products
> Experience test of corpus and adaptation of cultural characteristics
> Native speakers of Italian or Spanish (Latin America regions)
> Currently in China
> Translation/Locationlization experience required
> Attention to details, easy to communicate, familiar with Microsoft office
> Bachelor degree or above (Linguistic, Computer Science related majors preferred)
> Speak Chinese preferred
Work Location: Nanjing, Chengdu, (can pick one)
Monday-Friday (5 days a week)
Provide z visa + many benefits+gift + health insurance + free medical check 

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