Murder Mystery Chairity Dinner

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Murder Mystery Chairity Dinner
Saturday October 24, 18:00 - 22:00
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Event brought to you by the official account: Ella艾拉Discovery

October 24th from 18:00-22:00 at Home Coming Restaurant.


It will be an evening filled with murder and mystery as you mourn the late Mr. Boddy.


A known millionaire, Mr Boddy is a man of great wealth, of which you hope to gain an inheritance from – but only if you are brave enough to attend the reading of his will. Even though foul play was indicated in his death, the culprit had yet to be brought to justice….and the killer is likely to strike again!


Was it Mrs. White in the conservatory with the revolver?
Was it Colonel Mustard in the kitchen with the cleaver?
Or perhaps Professor Plum in the parlour with the poison?


As one of the deceased’s confidants or family members, it is your help that is needed to piece together his mystifying death, while avoiding being the victim of yet another murder at the will reading.


Use caution in considering your involvement in this gathering, for a likely as it is that you will walk away with a great deal of inheritance, you are just as likely to no walk out at all!



All this murder a mayhem will be for a great cause. Bethel is a local Charity in Beijing that provides health care, social care, and education training to children with disablities.  



Thank you to Forintia for sponsoring this event.





If you are unable to attend the event, you can still make a donation to a great charity. 



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