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@ Trolley Bar

Sept. 14th



Trolley Bar 

Aocheng Commercial Plaza Tianxi 22/23-119


Drink Specials:

Happy Hour All Day!!!!

15RMB - Coronas, Margaritas and Tequila Shots!!!!


Chris Brown, Linda Shi, Alan Dowden, Matt Clewer, Roy Hannem


The all-teacher band from TEDA, finds themselves reuniting for a show in Tianjin. With multiple members now living in Shanghai,  one still in TEDA and the other now living in downtown Tianjin, F-Blok is looking to bring it on Saturday! Having not seen each other in 4 months, it is destined to be an all out party! This is something you are not going to want to miss! F-Blok is ready to jam! Are you? 

Chris Brown 

Chris Brown, now living in Shanghai, will be serenading everyone with his tasty rifts. He has been the glue for F-Blok and with his "no F-ing ballads" mentality , he is always ready to Rock "N" Roll. Teaches: Math and Science

Linda Shi

Linda Shi, also living in Shanghai, plays the Keys for F-Block! She is the most recent addition to the band and brings the spunk. Don't let her cute appearance fool you! As a music major she is fire! Teaches: Music and Drama

Alan Dowden

Alan Dowden, living in Tianjin, is the lead singer. A smooth talker, energetic and a self-proclaimed good dancer, he will be attempting to get everyone to dance as well.  He is the only American in the  band. Taught: English and Digital Media 

Matt Clewer

Matt Clewer, living in Shanghai, will be slapping on the bass! A true rock star with an emphasis on funk, Matt is going to set the tone all night. Although quiet and laidback, he is a powerful force of Rock 'N" Roll. Get ready to be mesmerized by his power. Teaches: Social Studies and History

Roy Hannem

Roy Hannem, the last remaining member in TEDA, will be jamming on the drums. A sensational drummer and person, he will rock you so hard, all while having a smile on his face. Do you hear that? Thats the sound of Roy’s sweet drum finesse taking you back school!  Teaches: Math and Science. Coaches: Basketball

Karen Noble

Super Fan

She is married to the drummer!!

Looking Foward to Seeing you Saturday Night!


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