Hip Hop Day in Tianjin w. KaoBlue


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Hip Hop Day in Tianjin w. KaoBlue
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Time2020/10/11/ Sun 

Part 1 (19:00-22:00) 

Graffiti Basketball Hip Hop BBoying



Ming Fei KG Basketball Club, No. 477 Huanghe Road, Nankai District, Tianjin

ticket: 35/50


Part 2 (22:00-Dawn)



天津市南开区开华道7号V+ club

V+ Club, 7 Kaihua Road, Nankai District, Tianjin, China

ticket: 59/79


Freestyle your comment and get a free ticket for the PART 1 of the event

while stocks last.


Open Graffiti Wall 


Jiao哥 has prepared spray paint for everyone at the door, Instead of signing the wall we will spray it. During the final halftime, we will put all creations together and graffiti the picture on the spot

Let's meet for PART 1 in the basketball arena. As the heat and the Lakers finals continue to heat up, how can you who like to play can stand up to the love of basketball? Everyone can register for the 3x3 bullfighting basketball qualifier. , Pre-sale tickets are only 35 yuan, and you will get a glass of 2pac special party drinks. We will present the finals in the way of NBA star games, and the championship prizes will be luxurious.


Guest Star

He has participated in China Small Basketball League as a head coach for many times and achieved excellent results. He is committed to youth basketball training and has cooperated with many high-level foreign teachers in Beijing and Tianjin for joint teaching.

We also brought the four elements of HipHop DJ/Bboying/MC/Graffitti/ to this event

DJ Leo B 



DJ Spirit

.Music for me is an art of expression and an excellent means of relaxation. A means of expression because through music feelings are transmitted, desire is showed and sensations are felt. And it is a means of relaxation because thanks to music a person in a bad mood can recover from his emotional downhills.



:"Try your best to keep the color of Kaoblue

in the sky and play pure hiphop music to tianjin"



Made to foster dancer

Managing director of M24 Dance Studio

A-dash, Allelements Studio, Tianjin



It has been 4 years since the establishment of Kaoblue music label. No matter how the weather changes, the founder hopes that tianjin HipHop music culture can be better and better, can be respected by everyone, and bring more high-quality music cultural parties and parties. As our Slogan says, "Look at Sky.Lets us High''





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Always try something new...
Never thought about that l, myself, as a 41 year old Chinese woman, would one day put on a hoodie and a pair big trousers in hope to look hip hop.
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hip hop sick hop
Wired - the virus has made us. well fear not cause hip hop will save us. wave us hello as we emerge on the stage. have us applause as we end the last page. don't fear. sip the corona. it's only a beer and it's not gonna put you six feet down. the liquor is sicker but no one will drown. at the skylight bar we'll go far and look to the stars. covid 19 is a memory just like SARS
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