How are the foreigners living in Tianjin

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How are the foreigners living in Tianjin
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Wednesday November 18, 20:00 - 20:30

Fantastic city, fashion city, international metropolis…More than 100 years ago, it was the place where ancient China met the modern world. Tianjin has always been charming. Modern school, modern railway, telegraph, women's school, military…All kinds of new things start here, and it contains a lot of new things. Its grandeur is no less than that of Shanghai.

Since ancient times, the city of Tianjin has developed because of its unique geographical location and industrial development. Today, it has always been an "immigrant city". Friends from all over the world can never feel lonely when they meet here.There have Chinese and Western food, All kinds of buildings, Inclusive culture, people are naturally optimistic, Unique humor with "self mockery", Make this city with a history of more than 600 years charming. In this international metropolis, Besides "Tianjin people", there are also many foreign friends, Living in this city known as "gener du". How are these foreign friends living in Tianjin?


Tianjin people attach great importance to eating. The food is wonderful. ——French chef who settled in Tianjin for eight years

Chinese language is really too difficult. You never know how hard a foreigner works to learn Chinese. If there are foreigners living in the community with  Chinese who can speak English. That's great. ——British living in Tianjin for three years


As a  foreign tourists, Foreign friends want to living in Tianjin. It's more selective for "home". Hope to experience the local culture of Tianjin,to know Tianjin better.And well, The form of residence is also expected to be guaranteed. Various services and perfect equipment, And the cultural atmosphere. The high-end serviced apartments Himalaya, can satisfy all their yearning for home. It has both the service attribute of the hotel and the warmth of the home.


Himalaya is located at Naikan,Close to the express road and Metro Line 6, it makes business  and shopping very convenient. In addition to the comfort of the room layout, It also offers room cleaning and Breakfast services, The restaurant on the 28th floor is offers perfect breakfast, and the difference between the rooms in the Himalaya apartment and the hotel is that, Kitchen with semi hidden design, Washing machine, dryer and other equipment are also available,very convenient. The design of fitness center, audio-visual room and golf practice room is also very humanized.


Of course, just living in comfort is not enough.As foreigner, also hope  can experience the culture here and make more friends.

On the 29th floor of the administrative corridor, various parties and Himalaya night will be held regularly, Let friends gather here, Also let the residents from all over the world become friends and make life more fresher. The Youtan Library on the first floor not only has a wealth of books, but also regularly holds various salon activities,make the life more interesting. You will never worry about social problems.You can make friends with neighbors.


No wonder there are so many foreigners here. Tianjin attracts foreign friends with its unique charm, Himalaya make them settle down with comfortable environment. However the beautiful building and the meticulous butler service infuse their dream with home,  they find their own way of life, as well as high-quality life. As a gathering place for foreigners in Tianjin, Nankai Himalaya service make owners to enjoy modern life, It will also be displayed in front of more people as a city card.



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