Impressions of Home 🎨- Gurm’s solo exhibition


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Impressions of Home 🎨- Gurm’s solo exhibition
Saturday January 23 till Wednesday February 03

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till Wednesday 3rd February


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The Artist talking...

Q:Introduce yourself a little bit (where are you from, what brings you to China…)?

A:I am Gurmehar Singh (a.k.a. Gurm), a young Indian artist who currently has her studio inTianjin, China. Having moved to my adopted home China when I was but a toddler (Ihave been here for 21 years now), studying in international schools and universities, andmeeting people from all over the world, I am blessed to call myself a TCK (Third CultureKid) and consider myself to be made up from bits of different parts of the world.That is also the reason I am fascinated by unique cultural aspects and stories from allover the world and that is one feature of my art. I like to think that my art does notcome from any particular country but is the art of the world.

"my art does not come from any particular country but is the art of the world."

Q:How long have you been an artist and what inspired you?

A:I consider myself to be an artist since my middle and high school years when artbecame a love, a passion, an obsession, something that came from my soul andsomething I can’t imagine my life without. Art for me is my happy place, my therapy. However, I realized that passion was simply not enough, I needed to test the waters tosee if art could really become my career, needed professional training and education inorder for the world to take me seriously.

After sharing my creations on social media and seeing people’s encouragement andsupport, participating in some fairs and bazaars, selling some commissioned artwork,getting a Masters in Visual Arts, and interning at an art gallery (gaining somewhat of anunderstanding of how the art world runs), I gained the confidence and became 100%sure that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Now, I run my studio fromTianjin, creating and selling my art creations and providing artistic services under thebrand “Gurm’s Art”.

Q:What is the core meaning of your art/style?

A:I do drawing, painting, and mixed media creations. My art is inspired by everythingand anything, the simplest thing or the most complex event that catches my eye and Ican imagine a creation to come out of. I am interested in creating works that representthe familiar world around us, but in an imaginative way. I like to look beyond theobvious and turn the most everyday thing into something unique by combining shapesand lines with experimental color combinations to create intricate patterns.

My hope is for my art to spread love, joy, beauty, and wonder to my audience, bring asmile to their faces. I want people to experience the same feeling with my art that I havewhile creating it – freedom, satisfaction, living in the moment, and an inward journey.

Q:What challenges are you currently facing in respect to expressing yourself as an artisthere?

A:To be honest, I feel the art scene in Tianjin is limited as compared to Beijing andShanghai. However, I am happy to see that more galleries are opening up here and more artistsare exhibiting.

Q:What advice would you give to anyone that would want to follow a similar path?

A:I would say: follow your heart, just go for it, go all in. If art is what you are truly meant todo, then do it. You have a beautiful and unique talent, share your light with the world! Also, don’t be afraid or disheartened by failure, critiques, or struggles. It is all part of theprocess. It will make you astronger and better artist and human being. If you are really truly passionate about artand are 100% sure this is what you want to do for the rest of your life, if this is morethan a hobby for you and you are serious about this, then you will overcome thestruggles and fulfill your dreams.

Q:What are your plans for the future? Where could Expats fellows find you?

A:I would like to create more, exhibit more, sell more, do some workshops. I would like totry new artistic things, experiment with different styles. I would like to make newconnections, meet new people. I hope to become a part of an art community, some artprojects going on, interact with more artists and grow my artistic network.


Curious about Gurm's Art? Contact her!




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