Kundalini Yoga Course with Translation

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Kundalini Yoga Course with Translation
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RMB 400

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Professional Kundalini Yoga course with English translation.

This course is offered to classical Indian Yoga learners who want to study professionally, effectively and authentically. The most powerful power of Kundalini Yoga lies in not only bringing about physical changes, but also psychological and spiritual changes and improvements.

Kundalini Yoga not only improves the whole life energy of human beings, but also effectively stimulates the inner creative inspiration . It is especially suitable for friends who grow up together in the pursuit of physical, psychological and spiritual aspects.

A booking In advance is required for the course at a cost of RMB 400 yuan per time for 90 minutes. One, two, three and four students can attend the course.

One person pays 400 yuan,two people 200 yuan per person, three people 133.3 yuan per person and four people 100 yuan per person.

If you want 2-4 participants, you need to find the appropriate participants by yourself.

This course is taught by a professional Kundalini Yoga teacher, the introduction as below:


Certified Yogi Master, Indian Academy of Yoga Physiotherapy

American KRI Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Acoustic Vibration Therapist of Gong

Chinese Second-level Psychological Counselor

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