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A dark thriller as well as a profound study of the nature and allure of evil, "Macbeth" was TNT theatre Britain's first Shakespeare production and the troupe has presented the play in 31 countries and 267 cities worldwide since its premier performance in 2000. This full-blooded production unleashes the vital power of Shakespeare's dark masterpiece, blending a highly physical style, a well-integrated musical score and a dynamic interpretation of the Shakespearean verse that has generated enthusiasm from audiences and critics alike.


As with many of Shakespeare's works, the plot is universal. A warrior - Macbeth - encounters three witches who predict that one day he will be king. Unable to resist the temptation, Macbeth and his wife secretly murder the king and claim the crown. To hold onto power they will kill anyone who stands in their way, even their best friend. But their evil comes back to haunt them as ghosts and witches rise against them and a good warrior escapes their clutches to claim revenge for the slaughter of his family. The Macbeths meet a just and terrible end that is amplified by madness and despair. A new king is crowned, but will the witches return and sow further seeds of ambition and evil?

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The performance will be in English with Chinese subtitles

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