Reggae Dub Ska Party 16/04 in Dafa


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Reggae Dub Ska Party 16/04 in Dafa
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Friday April 16

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Far East Lion has been around for 12 years and is involved in all kinds of reggae music production and parties, as well as hosting parties everywhere. Insist on the most pure reggae music style, from Southeast Asia to Europe, and then to South America have their footprints.

Far East Lion in Shanghai, Beijing, Yunnan, Guangzhou has branch, member of as many as ten or more persons, style about Roots/Reggae Dancehall/Dub Steppas/Jungle, everyone in the tour of accumulated rich experience, and constantly in development of a unique Set of progress.

 April 16th





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DAFA club 

ADD:2 / F—C1, Shanggu Commercial Street, Tianta Road, Nankai District, Tianjin

Noodle D, born and raised in Shanghai, has been constantly immersed in underground music & culture and gradually established himself with his own music tastes and attitude towards life. Since childhood, Noodle has been influenced by the legendary reggae artist Jado (Far East Lion). Fascinated by Ska, Roots Dancehall/Steppas, he builds his own understanding of music, trying to find a breakthrough and pass his unique energy straight to the dance floor.


MC Jado is a major player in the underground music circles, he was the founder of Chinese Raggamuffin and served as drum & bass MC at Sweatshop where he supported many UK producers and DJ's such as DJ Die, Randall and Om Unit. He was selected for RBMA at Red Bull College and worked with people such as Rudebwoy Face, Fire Ball, Kouzuka Yusuke and many other Japanese reggae artists. Jado competed in lots of underground Freestyle Battles in the early years and won many championships, he has toured cities around China such as Beijing, Chengdu, Xining, Guangzhou and Hong Kong plus also in other countries such as Vietnam, Jamaica and the Philippines.

Jado was selected as "RBMA (China Red Bull Conservatory of Music)", and has MC'd with the likes of DMC world champion DJ Kentaro. Before long he joined up with the Heavy HK crew where he has supported artists such as Top Cat, UBrown, Tippa Irie, Brother Culture, Ras Demo, Ranking Joe, General Levy, CongoNatty, Jahtari, The Bug, Earl Gateshead, Dan Wiltshire, Mouse FX, General Huge and Papa U Gee. Jado co-founded the Chinese 8 Bit reggae style alongside DJ Shohei and Aho which led to performances at many China Music Festivals such as Outlook with Part2style and DJ Yahman. More recently Jado has become part ofShanghai's drum and bass crew Riddim'n'Vibe where his versatile Chinese/English reggae infused style has fit together seamlessly with founder Resinate's DJ sets. In 2018 Jado went on a tour of the UK where he performed at One Love Festival, followed by shows in London and Birmingham.

Ska, the fragrance director of Anxiang, which is an old brand livehouse in Baoding.

He began to have a strong interest in Bass music, and gradually started to be active in urban parties in 2014. Ska, who wanders in nightclubs and underground parties, always has some unique insights and senses of handling the scene and atmosphere.

He met with the Chinese legendary reggae musician -Jado during the domestic tour. He was deeply influenced and devoted himself to the organization and playing of reggae and Dub music.


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