The Essence of Charm-Yuan Wenbin Solo Exhibition


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The Essence of Charm-Yuan Wenbin Solo Exhibition
Sunday August 29 till Wednesday September 22

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Yuan Wenbin is a representative artist in the oil painting creation of the Contemporary Academy. In his more than 40 years of practice, he has created many widely acclaimed oil painting series, achieved remarkable achievements and received widespread attention.

Exhibition location: Hall 2 and 3 on the second floor of Tianjin Binhai Art Museum

The "Essence of Charm-Yuan Wenbin's Works Exhibition" is hosted by Tianjin Binhai Art Museum and Beijing Contemporary Chinese Freehand Oil Painting Research Institute. The chairman of the Chinese Artists Association Mr. Fan Di'an is the academic chair. It is hosted by the professor of Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts and the famous art critic Guo Yaxi , Fan Xiaonan, as the curator, exhibited seven series of works including "Bunny Rabbit", "New Paradise", "Wall", "Friends Circle", "Seven Sages", "Portrait" and "Philosopher" created by Mr. Yuan Wenbin in recent years. It is planned to exhibit Mr. Yuan Wenbin’s childhood works and his oil paintings from life, to make a more comprehensive and in-depth analysis and analysis of Mr. Yuan Wenbin’s continuous changes in art. It is hoped that through holding such an academic exhibition, it will provide the public with a more diverse aesthetic. Experience and viewing perspective will enhance the academic ability and image of our library, and establish a unique academic exhibition brand.



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