[cancelled] Women Gathering: Painting Mania with Gurm


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[cancelled] Women Gathering: Painting Mania with Gurm
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Finally the second Women Gathering of this year is out! Hurray!!


We had so much fun last timegathering together, enjoying the sun on Bamboos awesome terrace!




Good News...this time I will bring you to Tianjin second best 'and totally hidden' terrace!




We will have our painting session with the incredibly talented artist Gurm. She will teach you and guide you while your very own master piece take form on the canva.




Not familiar with our Fam? Well...Tianjin Women Only Group is a place of women empowerment, support and care. The one safe harbour for you where you can meet new friends and feel part of a unique community.




About the artist:


Artist Gurm was born in India and grew up in China. Having grown up and been schooled in an


international environment, immersed throughout in a multi-cultural atmosphere, she has always


been fascinated with the unique cultural elements and stories from all over the world. After


following art as a passion since her middle school days, she honed her skills by doing a Masters


in Visual Arts (Studio Art) in Hong Kong. She works in the medium of drawing, painting and


mixed media. She has had several solo exhibitions in China and has gained recognition of her art






Gurm’s artistic inspiration comes from everyday life. She is interested in creating works that


represent the familiar world around us. By looking beyond the obvious, Gurm reconstructs the


everyday environment around us into something artistically unique, which allows the audience


to discover beauty in unusual places.


For Gurm, art is not only a way to express herself, but also a therapeutic path of self-discovery.


She likes to think that she has not found art, but rather art has found her. She perceives art as a


medium to radiate bliss and peace of mind, and to bring life to the present moment. Gurm


wants people to look at her artworks and experience the same feeling she has while creating


them – freedom, satisfaction, and a journey of self-reflection



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