Alipay and Wechat account after 1st July 2016. What should I know and do?

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New Chinese regulations have been released and people have been ask to prove their identity on the on-line payment platform : Wechat and AliPay. New regulations are not here against foreigners, they apply to everybody. But verification is more complicated for foreigners, cause of the way banks input our name into the system.


Basically new regulation split user in 3 categories depending on the amount you spend, transfer monthly, or annualy on your account.



Category 1 : Wechat need bank linking //everybody who want to use basic wechat payment option

If you have a card linked to your Wechat wallet, no need to worry.

If you don't do it you won'r be able to join big groups or pay taxis or friends and retrieve money from wechat wallet,

Just go to

Me-->Wallet-->Cards-->Add a Card

The process is pretty smooth for any issues please consult our article:

How and Why register a bank card in Wechat? And after how to use these services? Updated 16/07/15

or scan the QrCode  


Category 2 : Wechat need bank linking from another card, with exatcly same name, passport number and phone number //if you are using to much your balance to do important wire to other accounts, or if you want to use the wechat financial products

Category 3 : Wechat will ask for a copy of your ID, and if you are foreigner, you are out. That happend if your account has been marked as suspicious //shouldn't happend if you keep it easy and legal




Category 1 : Alipay will just ask you for a copy of your passport + visa + entry stamp. Please follow our how to:

Click here How and why should you get an verified Alipay account (without Chinese ID card)

    or scan the qrcode  verifiyalipay


If you don't do it you won't be able to use Alipay to pay bills or purchase on Taobao or transfer money



Category 2 & 3 :

Alipay will ask you to do the previous registration then ask you to register a second bank card with exactly the same name. New bank, same name, same passport number and same phone number


If you don't do it you won't be able to use Alipay balance, all other services will continue to work as before. Alipay guarantee on its website that your money will be kept until you do the verification. But we strongly advice you to retrieve your money on your bank card before 1st of July

The trick is to find a bank that will put your name in exatcly the same pattern as the bank card you already have, search on forum, group chat and bank inquiring have shown that :

ABC Agricultural bank of china will write your name : DOEJOHNWILLIAM with no spaca

BOC Bank of China and CBC Construction Bank of China will write your name JOHN WILLIAM DOE , so if you have already registred a BOC card go to CBC

ICBC and Merchants bank will write your name DOE JOHN WILLIAM so if you already have registred an ICBC go to merchants


Please enrich and complete the bank compatibilty list by sending a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or wechat tianjinexpats


People with a comma ",' between their name have to insist for the bank not to put a comma but a space between their name.

It is recommanded that you show the alipay screen when doing the new card so it match the old one. You can find the way alipay want you to write your name into the mobile app.


Go into your mobile app then click on
Please verify your Alipay Account

Then click on "here"

Then you will see the name and passport number they want you to use for your new card

Confirm and you will see that using same bank that your first card is not allowed, then click on verify more of my cards

IMG 0280

IMG 0280

IMG 0282

IMG 0280



Good luck, share and comments. Share your experience under the article on the website or on wechat.

Or enrich this article or signal mistake by mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    wechat : tianjinexpats









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