How and why should you get an verified Alipay account (without Chinese ID card) Updated 30/06/2016

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How and why should you get a verified Alipay account?

30/06/2016 Update. That article is to get a passport verified account, later alipay may ask you to get a second bank card verified account. You can check our second article for that purpose by

Clicking here Alipay and Wechat account after 1st July 2016. What should I know and do?

or scan qrcode



Let's start with the why?
To override the annual limit of alipay. 10 000 Yuan of shopping and Alipay transfer


What you won't be able to do :
-As a foreigner you won't get a SAFE accreditation so still no Uber and no international transfer for you
-Only Chinese nationals ID account can use Uber and International wire

So the main reason for you to verify your Alipay account will be shopping and China money transfer



Let’s start


We need
-an alipay account :click here how to open an alipay account  or scan QRCode
-a bank card registered at your name in a Chinese bank (we strongly recommend ICBC, or merchants bank of China) Note that we have tested with these two banks. If you succeed with other banks please notice us.
-valid passport first page, entry stamp and valid visa scan.
-Important your alipay account number, passport and bank card registration shall be using exactly the same names (including, spaces, capitalization). If not you will need to open another alipay account and another bank account.



1 First go to


zhifubao 01


2 Enter your login/password, you may have to download and install alipay security suite.


zhifubao 02




3 If you are redirected on the old alipay website click here


zhifubao 03






4 If you are redirected to the new website click here 返回日版 then go back to step 3

zhifubao 08



5 Then you have to choose between Honk-Kong, Taiwan, Foreign 香港 台湾 外宾 Choose the

third choice , DO NOT click on the yellow box


zhifubao 04




6 Then is the tricky part


zhifubao 05


1) Please do not change your name even if it’s allowed you won’t get approved, if your name is not like your passport/bank card. You need to make a new alipay account and a new bank card. Or manage to get a new passport ;-) lol

2) Your passport number, shall be the same as the one registred in the bank

3) Scan of your full first passport page

4) Scan of your valid visa page + scan of your entry stamp. Put the two scan in one picture

5) Your address, seems smart to put the address that you register at the bank.

6) Phone number, to receive alipay sms, smart to use same number you used to register with alipay

7) Captcha : there is a lot of tutorials on the web on how to master it ;-)

Then click on the orange button




7 Choose your bank, your city and input your card number. And do not alterate your name

If that card is in use for another verification process you will need to cancel it

Then click on the orange icon

zhifubao 06



8 In one or two days you will receive a wire of less than 1 Yuan from alipay and a sms. DO NOT go to next step before receiving the sms. We strongly recommend you to have sms banking enable, so you won’t have to go to your bank to check the amount of the wire.


9 Connect back to your account


10 Go to the normal version if you are sent to the new version


11 Go to account verification process





zhifubao 03







then click on the yellow box, then input the amount your received on your account


zhifubao 10


12 Congratulations : you should get your verified account under two days


13 If you don’t get approved, you need to call them, 95188. Chinese only speakers. You will get the reason, then you can reset the process and correct your mistake (normally is passport/visa bad scans, or address problems)

Canceling/resetting alipay verification process

Go to verification process then click on the last blue link


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