How Do I Seek Medical Care In Tianjin?

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Hospitals in general:


There are little clinics every few blocks in Tianjin, and if you've got something minor, go there. I'd recommend getting a medical translation dictionary. The doctors are usually competent IF they know what you're talking about, and they'll listen, again, if you know what you're saying to them, but they can be super pushy if they don't. Also, they've got a pretty wide array of basic Western antibiotics and such, but you've got to know the translation. If you're thinking of healthcare, the biggest obstacle between you and cheap pills is translation.


The main shtick is: If it's common, specific, and not too invasive or serious, they can cure it. If not, go home. Avoid blood transfusions (AIDS) and ask to see the needle unwrapped, but it will probably be clean. If you need a kidney transplant, they can probably do that safely too, but I don't know how much it will be. Heart transplants and Parkinson's? Get out of China.


I also know that there are pirated versions of sexual aids (Viagra) and baldness cures (Rogaine) in pretty much every pharmacy. Use them at your own risk. Herbal remedies are worth trying, but I've not had much luck with them. Doctors often will prescribe them. There are two classes of medicine "zhongyao" and "xiyao", or Chinese (traditional) and Western (chemical) medicine. In my experience the doctors at smaller clinics are more amiable and care less about wringing money out of you than they do at giant hospital campuses. Avoid those and get to know a neighborhood doctor if you can find a good one. Oftentimes doctors at the large hospitals won't even tell you what's going on with you, they'll just demand you take such and such a medicine and come back in a few days if you don't feel better.


When you walk in, the procedure is first to register, which is 2-6 kuai, and then you go to the information desk, complain about your hurt, and are sent to the (hopefully) appropriate wing. Then you wait in line, which can sometimes take hours.


If you have absolutely no faith in Chinese doctors, or at least no faith in your ability to effectively communicate what your problems are to them, there is a clinic staffed by Western doctors located inside the Sheraton Hotel on Zi Jin Shan Lu Sos Clinic (喜来登酒店,河西区紫金山) and United Family Hospital UFH in Meijiang. Be aware, however, that if you go here you will be paying through your nose for these visits, as these are Western doctors on Western Salaries.



Dental care


One thing that you don't need to worry about is the dentist. At most little clinics, they'll have a dental chair, and they can clean your teeth for 130-150 kuai, and do fillings and the like for a little bit more. They're quite sanitary, but a teensy bit rough. Most services, including whitening, will be under 1000. I think braces are generally rare/expensive, and if you're going to do a root canal or something serious, be careful. I've yet to ask, but I know basic cleanings and checkups are much shorter, cheaper, and more pleasant than at home. They usually can do walk-ins.


I had a good feeling about the dentist clinic at the Tianjin Medical University (医科大学牙医部 ? yi1ke2da4xue2ya2yi1bu4) when I went there. It is on Qixiangtai Lu near the intersection with TongAn Dao (气象台路与同安道的交口).



Chinese Medical Massage?


Chiropractors / Massage Doctors: The closest thing to chiropractors is the Anmo YiSheng (按摩医生- massage doctor), and almost every neighborhood clinic has one, although some share and he's only there on certain days. They're the closest thing you'll find to a chiropractor but they're a damn good substitute. Anyway, they lay you down, massage you a bit, straighten you out rather vigorously, complete with cracking bones, and send you on your way in 10 minutes. If you're having arthritis problems or something, they're also great for that. A lot of the old ladies in my building swear by the guy downstairs. The price for a session should be 30 kuai.



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