How to Buy Electronic Stuffs Online for Your Apartment and Pay While They Arrived at Your Place (by using

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Are you still looking for electronic stuffs to fill your apartment? However, of course it will take more time to go shop around the outside will the limitation of products to be compared.


I have asked some Chinese friends about buying electronic stuffs to fill my living place. Most of them suggest me to do the online shopping in JingDong.


Some of the advantages are:

1. The price is quite cheaper rather than doing the offline shopping.

2. You can safe your time just by sitting in front of your laptop and looking for some stuffs online.

3. They can send it directly between 1 until 2 days, and you can choose the range of the shipping time also.

4. You do not need to the advance payment. On the other words, you can do they payment while the product have been arrived at your place.


Here some easy steps that I wish will be very helpful for expatriates in Tianjin!!


1. Open Actually they provide the English version of the website. However, it will be a bit hard to find the complete items. Still prefer to use the Chinese version one.







2. Search a product that you are looking for (in Chinese).





3. It will lead you to some pages full of many kinds of products that you are looking for. This website will help you to choose easily the product depends on its classification such as brand or price range.





4. Choose the item that meets your need and you can look at the product's information as well. Make sure that you have checked every detail of product that you have chosen including the functions, width, length, and so on.





5. You can also check the detail pictures of product that you have chosen.





6. After you have been sure about the product that you want to buy, you can directly put it into the shopping trolley by press "加入购物车" button.





7. If you do not want to continue your shopping, you can just press "去购物车结算" to continue the transaction.





8. Make sure that you have chosen the right product, quantity, and also the amount that you should pay. If you have checked everything, press "去结算" button.





9. If this is your first time to do the shopping in JingDong, they will ask you to register yourself. The steps are very easy. Put your name, phone number, shipping address, and so on, then you will create your own password. Voila! You can easily login yourself by clicking "登录" button.





10. Here they will ask you about the payment method. Actually you can do the payment in advance at the same time. However, if you want to be convinced by the payment safety, you can choose "货到付款" payment option. It means that you are going to pay the item you chose while the product has been arrived already at your place. Besides, they will ask about how you are going to do the payment, is it by cash money, credit card, and so on. You can choose freely as you like. Moreover, you can choose the date and time range you want the product to be sent to your place.


If everything has been fixed, you can press "提交接单" button to see your invoice.





11. Congratulation! You have finished the order process! Here they will give you the invoice number.





12. Here they will confirm you that you have complete your request. Sometimes for a large item order, they will give you a call during the day to make sure that you have made an order. Don't forget to stay at your place during the day and time range that you have made at the appointment with them.





13. Just wait and see. They help you to control while they are proceeding your order. 






Wish you can fill your apartment well!




1. JingDong is only providing online shopping service. If you want to look at the physical of the product, you can visit another electronic store such as Gome (国美). However, according to some resources, JingDong still gives a cheaper price rather than another electronic store.

2. JingDong also sells another non-electronic item. However the types are not that much.


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