How to register on Alipay, to buy on taobao (without chinese id) Updated 30/06/16

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Why you should have an alipay account?

  • Shop on most of Chinese website, including Taobao and Tmall
  • Transfer money to your friends
  • Pay credit card bills
  • Pay phone bills
  • Go Dutch
  • Get a taxi




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What do you need


  • Passport
  • Email
  • Chinese phone number
  • Chinese bank account no need to have internet banking. ICBC if your name including space is less than 20 characters or Merchant bank if your name is longer are strongly advised  // We are not saying that other banks won't work but ..... they have issues



Then follow the steps:


1. First, go to Alipay’s application siteUPDATED 30/06/2016 Registration by mail is not working for passport owner. You have to register by phone number

2. Choose your country.

UPDATED 30/06/2015 Please be carefull to choose the country of your passport ( not china )


​3. Verify your mail  // UPDATED 30/06/2016  That has been removed now you go directly to phone verification  30/06/2016


4. Verify you phone number.


5. Fill out the form

  • Login password
  • Payment password has to be different
  • Security questions
  • ID information, choose passport and enter your passport number
  • Updated 01/07/15 For the name make sure to write it the same order as the bank did : if not you will be able to pay but not to withdraw money. You wont be able to verify your account in the future - if needed -


6. Login to your Alipay account through: Please install the security module


7. To register a card, you will make a first small deposit (it's the only way for foreigners with no chinese id to do)


Don't choose from the bank list selection, it's acutally the only tricky part in the process. Go to  (选择其他) see the photo


Deposit small money, then you have register a bank account an alipay, you can withdraw the money to test if all is working fine.


  1. Then refer to our article on how to create and use a taobao account :


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