How To Watch Tv Shows and Movies in China

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A quick overview of different way for you to watch your preferred movies and TV shows while in China

1 Buy dvd in the Streets

Cheap way, be sure to ask the vendor to watch it before buying, to be sure that the subtitles are actually to good one, and that you don't get a movie in Cantonese with Japanese and Korean subtitles only.

You won't be able to bring these DVDs back home, EMS won't allow you to send then out of the country, and bringing them with you through custom could get you a big fine. Secondly China does not allow the export of videos (old law for protecting china against savage journalism). So you will have twice chance to be caught by two different customs

These DVDs are all illegal counterfeit copies, don't trust any vendor telling you about genuine DVDs. 

Another problem is the quality of the disk, most of them will be unreadable after 1 or 2 years.... but it's 10 rmb so....

2 Download, 

While you are in China feel free to download all that you want - except , illegal content in China - There is no control like in Europe with Hadopi or in US.

Torrentz are easy to get and with a good connexion you shall able to get blue ray quality movies in an hour or two

Get you torrents here   and your torrent client here

There is tons of tutorials on internet on how to use them, so I won't be long on it

So enjoy while you are in China, download all the content you want, even if is not really legal, there is no control on it for the moment. Same for games, software.... but for games and software be sure to have a good anti-virus anti-trojans anti-malware before you install any torrent content

I won't advice you to fulfill your hard disk with illegal content to bring it back home, but I never heard of any control about the content of a laptop hard drive by customs. Be advice that it's still illegal and can be roughly punished in most of countries in the world

3 Stream stream....

Don't want to go in the streets to buy DVD, no time for downloading, stream your preferred movies and series.

will be your friend

If you can write Chinese just write the title of the movie in one of these websites to start immediately, if you cannot write Chinese, it’s a little trickier

1 go to 

2 write the name of your movie, tv serie in the search bar   ie: the silence of the lambs

3 press enter and observe the results

4 catch the Chinese website giving you Chinese name next of the English name, some of these sites are

You will find the Chinese name   沉默的羔羊on the left of the English name. Select it with your mouse, right click and copy it

5 paste the Chinese name into Baidu, press enter

6 in Baidu find the video tab 视频. It’s the seventh one, click on it

For you info Baidu is in this order

News, Webpages, Forum, Wiki, Music, Picture, Videos, Maps, ….

…. So next time you look for a map, or a mp3 you know how to find it. For mp3, they have almost all song with English name, so no need translation

7 you can now see the selection of all videos with this title. Make some test choose a video with a length that is the length of a movie. Test some for the qualities, language…

Not everything is available, there is some fake, don’t get desperate if your first try is a fail, and try another movie

Normally TV series are complete and good sorted

The big bang theory: 生活大爆炸

Hannibal: 汉尼拔

Breaking Bad: 绝命毒师

Two Broke Girls:破产姐妹

These are few examples of complete TV series, when you paste the Chinese name into the Baidu search bar, the auto completion of Baidu will give you the choice of the season


Please complete this article with your own finding ;-) so you can have a great database of complete series watchable in streaming

5 use dedicated software

You can download install it, and normally he understand English. It’s my favorite

Or PPStream use

Or XunLei Kan Kan

Or PPtv

Why I am not doing a complete tutorial on these software who don’t speak our language, the reason is that all of them contains backdoors and perhaps viruses, after installing them your computer will be really more slow and they are a pain to get rid off.

I’m using Funshion, it’s quite ok, but always popping advertisement and quite hard to make them hide. It’s why I choose to only stream in my browser, or doanlad torrents. But different people, different choice, for sure millions of people use these software and nothing bad happened, just a little annoying and slowing down computer, make your choice

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