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This section is designed to help you with day to day living in Tianjin. How to find an apartment, food, etc.

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Hailing taxi and car app "Didi" now in English in Tianjin
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Didi Dache announced on May 8 that they will release English version of their Taxi Hailing App for the cities of Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. Tianjin...
Chinese names of foreign brands for online shopping
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All the team of would like to thanks our member Todd for compiling that very useful list If you read us on mobile, you...
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Alipay and Wechat account after 1st July 2016. What should I know and do?
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New Chinese regulations have been released and people have been ask to prove their identity on the on-line payment platform : Wechat and AliPay. New regulations are not here...
How and why should you get an verified Alipay account (without Chinese ID card) Updated 30/06/2016
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How and why should you get a verified Alipay account? 30/06/2016 Update. That article is to get a passport...
Exchange your Yuan and send Money out of China(Union Pay, Wire, Western Union, Alipay, Paypal) updated 09/08/2017
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Whether it is for your student loans and credit card debt or you're just looking to buy some gift going back home for Christmas, every expat will have a...
How to register on Alipay, to buy on taobao (without chinese id) Updated 30/06/16
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  Why you should have an alipay account? Shop on most of Chinese website, including Taobao and...
How to Buy Electronic Stuffs Online for Your Apartment and Pay While They Arrived at Your Place (by using
CP Cindy Puteri Gunawan 0 0 0 0 0
Are you still looking for electronic stuffs to fill your apartment? However, of course it will take more time to go shop around the outside will the limitation of...
How to Bring My Pet in China
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1 Two ways to proceed : DIY , use an agent DIY Go to your local consulate and ask for necessary documents. They are the most...
How To Watch Tv Shows and Movies in China
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A quick overview of different way for you to watch your preferred movies and TV shows while in China 1 Buy dvd...
How Do I Use The Post Office?
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      Insight on China Post   In experience, using the postal service...
25 results - showing 11 - 20
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