Hard Rock Tianjin - Build Your Own Burger (BYOB!)

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Hard Rock Tianjin - Build Your Own Burger (BYOB!) limited time promotion is here! Stack your fixin's high and get creative

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All your favorite ingredients in one Burger?

Hard Rock Cafe Tianjin brings you a fun dining experience. Get Creative!

If you ever dreamed about making a burger your own way, Hard Rock Cafe Tianjin is where you have to go.

BYOB - Build Your Own Burger

Starting Price: 68 元



Build up as many burgers as you like!

Start with a fresh brioche and add on toppings that appeal to your taste. Pineapple, avocado or a sunny side up egg, and many more!

Top it off with your choice of sauce and your masterpiece is ready to eat! You’ll never be unsatisfied when you build your own burger!

It is a happy day for Cheese-lovers. As many as 4 options are available for you to choose from, including cheddar, Monterey Jack, Swiss, and even a Mozzarella cheese stick. Or try this for inspiration: A juicy beef patty, two pieces of golden fried chicken tender and four slices of smoked bacon, topped with baked pineapples rings and sunny-side-up egg. For meatatarians only!

Fresh, tasty, and a lot of fun

Customers have been flooding into Hard Rock Cafe Tianjin to build their own burgers. Beef patties, cheese, mashed potatoes and vegetables are on the top of list for fans of American burgers, while fried jalapenos are prepared for those who love the Mexican style.

The fun is in the surprising flavors and tastes that await you with your first bite. It’s one of those experiences that you will never forget.

“Building your own American burger was a marvelous experience, and no less the stunning blended taste of bacons, guacamole and chips. Though such custom burgers were nothing new in other countries, no one had expected to find them here in Tianjin any time soon before the unrivaled mode was introduced by Hard Rock.”

American Food brought to you by Hard Rock

Hard Rock is sweeping around the world with authentic American food with high quality ingredients. Their signature burgers, exclusive desserts and special liquors have earned them countless fans all over the globe. Besides the regular menu, a limited-time offer is available every two months, offering a refreshing and fun dining experiences.

Hot Chocolate Blandy - 58元

3 new choices of hot cocktails are offered this winter. You may indulge in the sweet warm cocktails, taste the trace of handmade chocolate in the mixture of milk and brandy enhanced by nutmeg, and enjoy a hearty drink surrounded by friends and seasonal music.

Apple Bourbon Warmer - 58元

Hot Toddy - 58元

The Bourbon, strong, and the Toddy, soft, both smell like fresh fruit, warming your body and impressing your stomach.

Some crave the food, some yearn for the music. As an icon of live music, not only has Hard Rock an attractive menu, but a variety of spectacular themed music activities.

Moreover, the Hard Rock is a ‘music museum” where Lady Gaga and G.E.M. Gloria Tang's costumes from their live concerts are displayed. Even the musical instruments played by Lenka in her world music tour are there. Such collections are not for sale, though you can take home Tees, sweaters, pins and other collectable items from the Rock Shop .

Hard Rock, Where music meets gourmet.


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