"My Tianjin story": Short Video Contest!

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"My Tianjin story"

short video contributions wanted to share foreigners 'impressions' of Tianjin

Organized by 天津市国际人才交流协会
Tianjin International Talent Exchange Association


As part of its celebration for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China,Information Office of Tianjin Municipal People's Government specially organizes the short video contributions for"My Tianjin story". This activity will collect and share foreigners' impressions of the north China's coastal city, showing its newest achievements and the development idea behind it.

Through foreigners' eyes, the short videos will let the world know more about Tianjin as well as China from a more real and international scope, which will also be good for Tianjin to cooperate with the other countries.

Relevant requirements are as follows:



I. ThemeMy Tianjin Story

II. Participants: Foreigners who work, travel, live or study in Tianjin

III. Video Subjects 

Based on the theme of "My Tianjin Story", the short video collection activity aims to share the experiences and feelings of foreigners working, living, traveling and studying in Tianjin.

These videos are expected to reflect the economic and social development achievements of Tianjin in the new era. Works should highlight the new changes and trends in Tianjin's reform and opening up from the scopes such as the city construction, urban and rural landscape, economic development, tourism characteristics, city vitality and the unique culture. The videos should show Tianjin's openness and inclusiveness to better introduce Tianjin to the rest of the world.




IV. Some Example Topics

Tianjin in my eyes: From sunrise to sunset, from breeze to strong sunshine, from Haihe River to Panshan Mountain, from Tianjin TV Tower to small alleys, from office buildings to new night markets and more. What does Tianjin look like in your eyes?

My story with Tianjin: First sight of Tianjin, a very happy day in Tianjin, your favorite festival spend in Tianjin, afternoon tea in the coffee shop in Tianjin, a beautiful girl at a corner of Tianjin, the busy Tianjin Metro line 3 and others. Please share a little story that you will never forget in Tianjin.

Reasons for staying in Tianjin: the Tianjin-dialect cross-talk show in the tea house, the breakfast booths by the roadside, the beautiful "Tianjin sisters" and hospitable"Tianjin brothers", the open and livable Binhai New Area, the exotic Five Avenue, the innovative and energetic Bohai Bay and culture-centered Yangliuqing ancient town. What makes you choose to stay in Tianjin?

The above topics are for reference only. Please pick up the lens to share your interesting stories with Tianjin!




V. Host and Organizer

Host: Information Office of Tianjin Municipal People's Government

Organizer:China News Development Corporation Tianjin Branch, Jinyun New Media Group

Media support: China’s two popular short video platforms Tik Tok (Douyin) and Kuaishou




VI. Schedule

Contribution collection: August 1 - September 10

Online voting: September 13 - September 15

Expert review and awarding ceremony: September 23- September 24




VII. Review and Awards

The evaluation of the works is composed of online voting (45%), expert review (45%) and others (10%). The works will be ranked from the theme, appeal, communicability and creativity.Awards are set as follows:

Two most outstanding works: each will be awarded 1,000 yuan or equivalent prizes

Four most popular works: each will be awarded 800 yuan or equivalent prizes

Six most creative works: each will be awarded 600 yuan or equivalent prizes

 Thirty honorable mentions for well-performed participants: each will be awarded 200 yuan or equivalent prizes





VIII. Video Requirements

1. Participants must be foreigners. The stories can be told in Chinese or English, but must be filmed in Tianjin with foreigners appearing on the scene.

2. All video filming equipments are qualified but the submitted works must be in MP4 format with duration from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. It is allowed to be artistically created and processed, but it should accurately reflect objective reality, and should not use indecent ideas to make the works eye-catching.

3. The works should be submitted as attachment to the e-mail box: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The video file must be named as "Nationality + Name + Company or organization Name + Work Title + Mobile Phone Number". A description of the work within 200 characters should also be attached, including information about the filming time and location.

4. The submitted works must be original works to ensure that there is no dispute over the copyright.

Contact information: Miss Huo Xiaoyu,+86-22-83861596.




IX. Matters Needing Attention

1. If the submitted work has been awarded in other events, the organizer has the right to cancel the award and the corresponding prize.

2. The contest does not charge any fees for the contestants. Contestants should take legal responsibility for the copyright and portrait rights involved in the work; all the works submitted are copyrighted by the organizer, and the organizer has the right to use it again without any payments.

3. Please refer to official award announcement for the final selection outcome. All the contributors are deemed to agree and abide with the above provisions.

4. The final interpretation right of this activity belongs to the organizer.

Information Office of Tianjin Municipal People’s Government

China News Development Corporation Tianjin Branch

Jinyun New Media Group

August 1, 2019




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