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Photography of Tianjin by night by Charles. The city lights tell a bright story.

Night view of Jin City

Ushered in by the hustle and bustle of daily life;


The night sky is replaced by the illumination of the city,

revealing a sea of stars. 

Tai'an Road - Ann Regan church

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Taian Dao (original) Kailuan Mining Bureau 

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Taian Dao Li Shunde Hotel

Taian Dao Li Shunde Hotel

Jiefang North Road

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Jiefang North Road

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Haihe East Road · Zhonghai City Square

Haihe East Road · Zhonghai City Square

Hebei Road·Xiannong Courtyard

Chongqing Dao·Qingwang House 

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【枉言 | 摄影】(原)英租界华楼之冠,庆王府前世今生

Chongqing Daominyuan Building 

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Dali Road · Minyuan Square 

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Nanjing Road·International Trade Building

Nanjing Road · Dayingmen Bus Station

Nanjing Road·Golden Emperor Hotel

Kowloon Road Vanke Square

Paradise Road · Vientiane City 

(formerly Galaxy Shopping Center)

Pingjiang Road · Library and Grand Theatre

Friendship Road·Crystal Palace Hotel

Friendship Road·Friendship Building

Intersection of Guangdong Road & Yong'an Road

Guangdong Road · Southwest Building Subway Station

Datun South Road·Jinhai Bridge

Clear skies and a vibrant city. 

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Unauthorized use of the above photos is strictly prohibited


编著 - Charles

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Translated and republished by Andy Lewis for Tianjin.GoExpats

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