The Tianjin German Concession Area

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The Tianjin German Concession in history and photography. 

Tianjin German Concession

Photo & Culture

By Charles

Shooting date: February 20, 2018, March 1

Shooting location: Tianjin Shi

former German Concession

No. 305-313, Jiefang South Road, built in the early 20th century, designed by Shangyipin Company, a two-storey brick-and-wood structure townhouse with a symmetrical layout, with the first floor and the second floor below the clear water wall. Above the layer, the window is the enamel finish, the sloping roof, and tile layer. The stomata of the slab is a circular square hole resembling the Chinese coin shape.

Dongguang Building

Built in the 1920s, the Dongguang Building is a three-story German-style townhouse with brick and wood structure partially in the second and fourth floors. The façade is a clear water wall and the top is a sloped red tile roof. After 1945, it was the Southern District Inspection Office of the Tianjin Garrison Command Inspection Office.

located at No. 292, Jiefang South Road, Hexi District. It was completed in 1931. There are three brick and wood buildings in the site, two buildings in the north building and one building in the south building. The two buildings in the front and rear of the North Building are all three floors and connected to each other. The south building is small and has two floors. Wu Yulin (1871-1944), is from Hui nationality, the ancestral home in Anhui Province. Wu Qilin was born during an escape In 1871 (10 years of Tongzhi in the Qing Dynasty). In 1886, Wu Qilin went to Tianjin to study at the Beiyang Naval Academy, and was selected to go to Germany for further study after graduation. After returning to China in 1915, Wu Yulin became the head of the Navy Department. In 1922, he became the director of the Jinpu Railway Bureau and in 1924, Wu Qilin retired in Tianjin.

No. 1 Fujian Road was built in the 1920s. The two-story brick-and-wood structure is a detached house with a red brick wall and a partially ash-finished exterior. The rectangular wooden window is lively. The multi-sloped, tiled roof provides the house with window ventilation.

The extension of Hutong, formerly known as the German compound, is a building group formed by five condominium apartments of the same style. The building group was built in 1923 and is a German expatriate apartment and so is called the German compound. The building elements are two-story brick and wood structure buildings with basement, front and back yards, indoor wooden stairs, wooden floors, wooden doors and windows, and shutters. The outer layer is a clear water wall and the upper part is a mortar covering. With a provocative, large, cylinder roof, the look of the lookout is made into a circular square hole shape like Chinese coins, which is conducive to ventilation and moisture and has the meaning of auspicious wealth. There is a tiled rain shelter on the upper part of the entrance. The building group is arranged in a peripheral arrangement with a flowerbed green space in the middle. The buildings are neatly arranged in the surrounding area. The interior of the group is relatively closed. Only one ramp communicates with the outside to form a quiet and comfortable living environment, and there is now a German-style residential group. The same is true.

This photo was provided by two German brothers Heinz and Rolf (Haesloop Heslup) in 2013 when they came to Tianjin for their family in the 1930s in Tianjin German Academy (now Yanchang Hutong). 

(This paragraph is from the "Tianjin Memory" public number)

Built in 1914, Taipei Road 30-38, No. 42-50 , two-story brick-and-wood structure townhouse, the layout of the building is symmetrical, the first floor of the outer raft is a red brick clear water wall, the above is a mortar slab, the arch type Entrance, sloping roof, flat tile level.

No. 288, Jiefang South Road was built in the 1920s. The two-storey brick-and-wood structure is a three-storey residential building with a three-storey exterior wall and a red brick wall. Part of it is a mixed wall. The main entrance consists of three arches to form a porch, supporting a two-story terrace.

Built in the 1920s, Jiefang South Road No. 272-286 is a three-storey brick-and-wood structure townhouse with a symmetrical layout. The exterior is a mixed wall, and the part is a clear water wall, double slope top, and tile roof. There are balconies on the first and second floors of the façade, and main buildings are located above the main entrance. The concave and convex shape of the facade of the building is rich in rhythm.

No. 8 Fujian Road was built in the 1920s. It has a two-storey brick-and-wood structure, with a red brick clear water wall and a two-story balcony with cylindrical support to form a porch and a sloping roof.

No. 6 Fujian Road was built in the 1920s. The two-storey brick-and-wood structure is a detached house. The layout of the building is symmetrical. The outer raft is a red brick wall with gray lines and the main entrance is recessed. The cylindrical support forms a two-story balcony and porch. The window sills are decorated with arched stone.

map of Tianjin in 1912 

(the Middle East Shiyin Bureau) 

Tianjin local chronicles record: Tianjin Dejiajie East is adjacent to the Haihe River, north to the US Concession (now Kaifeng Road East), West to Haidao Avenue (now Datun Road), south from Xiaolizhuang to Beizhuang outside Shunxiao Road (now Qiongzhou Road) To Hai Avenue, with a total area of 1034 acres. In 1901, 3,200 mu of southwest Xianghai Avenue was expanded, with a total area of 4,200 mu.

In the twenty-first year of Guangxu (1895), the German envoy to China, Qi Ke, gave a note to the Prime Minister of the Qing Dynasty, excusing that Germany had "power" in the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895. Asking for a concession and the same special treatment as the UK and France. The Qing government ordered Tianjin Customs Road to negotiate with the German consul in Tianjin to delimit the concession. On September 13th of the same year (October 30th), Tianjin Customs Road Sheng Xuanhuai, Tianjin Road Li Wei (Yi Zuo) and the German Consul Teresa signed the "Treaty Port Concession Agreement", allowing Germany to permanently establish a concession in Tianjin. In the twenty-sixth year of Guangxu (1900), the Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded and Germany took the opportunity to expand the concession. In the following year, Germany forced the Qing government to sign the "Promotion of Concession Contract" with the fifth day of June (July 20). After the outbreak of the First World War, on August 14, 1917, the Chinese government announced that it would accept the Tianjin De Concession and change it to the Tianjin Special Administrative Region (Special Zone). After the defeat of Germany, the German government stated that it was responsible for the terms of the concession in China in the "Versailles Peace Treaty". In addition to the occupation of Qingdao and other places by the Japanese, the Chinese government officially reclaimed the Tianjin German concession.

Until the 1950s and 1960s, this area remained basically the same. After the 1976 earthquake, many buildings were destroyed, and this area began to be demolished and built into new residential buildings. (This paragraph is derived from "Baidu Encyclopedia")

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TianjinExpats would like to extend a special thank you to Charles for allowing us to publish the amazing photography and articles. Charles is available for freelance photography and can be reached by the information below. 

编著 - Charles

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Translated and repurposed by Andy Lewis for TianjinExpats

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