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A series of tips for an better life in Tianjin

Train ticket sold out

Did you know that train ticket management system affects a quota oftickets from a station to another station?

For example, on that G108 line, havingJi'nan West -- Tianjin South sold out doesn’t' mean you can't buy a Ji'nan West-- Beijing South and get out at Tianjin Station.

Sure, it is not the cheapest way totravel, but may help in case of emergency.

After calling 12306 they confirmed thatit is allowed to do it BUT while getting out at an early station is easy,getting in on a later station maybe trickier and involve some language andarguing skills.

from: Boris and Peter 石磊 


A moment not to miss

Jiefang bridge will be raised up from 20:30 until 22:30, the 1st of August, 13th of September and 1st of October. Photographs and Tianjin curious get ready and arrive early for the best spots.

from: Maryna 米娜,


Be more green and sustainable in Tianjin

Bring your own bags at the market and use the sentence: 不需要袋子 (bú xū yào dài zǐ ) for a greener future and make yourself a local foreign celebrity


When you order food through delivery application use the remarks: 无需餐具,无需纸巾,并请尽量简单打包 wú xū cān jù ,wú xū zhǐ jīn ,bìng qǐng jìn liàng jiǎn dān dǎ bāo  (no chopsticks, cutlery, napkins, or excessive packaging) 

from: Leah




More China Mobile Credit

China Mobile users can send 2019 to 10086 to get free 4G quota according to the lenght of their  contract. Try it now!

from: Boris


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