Wudadao - A 17th Century View

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Wudadao - A 17th Century View. Thmatche style of photography used in this article is a homage to the time and place the buildings were inspired by. 

Wudadao - A 17th Century View

If a Renaissance painter from 17th century Europe found himself in modern-day Tianjin, he would have a familiar feeling when arriving in Tianjin Fifth Avenue. The style of photography used in this article is a homage to the time and place the buildings were inspired by . 

Qingwang House 

(located in Chongqing Road) 

Was built in 1922. It was originally designed and supervised by Xiao Dezhang, the general manager of the late Qing Dynasty eunuch. It was listed as the crown of Chinese buildings in the original British Concession. Later, he was purchased by the fourth-generation Qing dynasty of the Qing Dynasty and lived here, hence the name "Qingwangfu".

Shan Yili 

(located in Chongqing Road) 

Originally invested and built by three modern Chinese industrialists, Yang Yichen, Chen Fanyou, and Chen Dayou. It was designed and supervised by Chen Fanyou. Lane Lane was named San Yi Li, which means that the father and the son benefited from each other. In 1982, the homonym "mountain" of "three" was changed to its current name.

Minyuan Square 

(located in Chongqing Road) 

In 1920, the old British Concession Bureau of Industry and Trade (BMC) built a large-scale stadium that was relatively advanced at the time. This is the prototype of the Folk Stadium. In 2012, it began to be rebuilt for more than two A brand new Folk Square was presented in the European architectural style. The square integrates leisure sports, special catering, special culture, and tourist service center, and becomes the core area of the five-part tourist area.

Tianjin Foreign Studies University

(located at Machang Road) 

In 1921, Zhili County Catholic Church established the second Catholic University of China, Tianjin Technology and Business University, in Tianjin, becoming one of the predecessors of Tianjin Foreign Studies University. In 1925, the main building of Tianjin Technology and Business University was completed.

The Xiannong Courtyard 

(located in Hebei Road) 

Was built in 1925 and was designed by the engineer of the Xiannong Engineering Co., Ltd. and the British Reid. Because the site is mostly the staff of the Xiannong company, it was named the Xiannong Courtyard. The whole courtyard was built in the Style of Li, and features a an open lawn.

The Folk Garden Building 

(located in Chongqing Road) 

Was built in 1937 by the Austrian architect Ge Wei and was named the National Park Building due to its proximity to the Folk Park.


(located in Chongqing Road) 

Built in 1933 and designed by the Austrian architect Ge Wei. At that time, it was a collective residence built for the employees of Zhongnan Bank. 

Zhang Xueming's former residence 

(located in Weinan Road) 

Zhang's former residence was purchased from Zheng Chi Real Estate in the name of Dafutang in 1931. The building was built in 1925 and the main entrance is a Western-style structure with a second and top floor.

Liu Guanxiong's former residence 

(located at Machang Road) 


Built in 1923; Before the liberation, the first residences were of the first naval chief Liu Guanxiong and his son. It is a European-styled brick-and-wood structure with a basement. There are three structures, the middle building, the west Building, and the north building. The middle building references that of an aircraft carrier, with the west building as a cruiser, and the north building is of a telescope.

Fifth Avenue is located in the south of Tianjin's downtown area. The east and west sides are lined with five streets named after the famous cities in southwest China: Chengdu, Chongqing, Dali, Changde, Weinan. The Wudadao area has more than 2,000 garden- Style houses with different national architectural styles built in from 1920s and 1930s, with a construction area of more than 1 million square meters. Among the more standard 300 buildings, the architectural types included of 89 British, 41 Italian, 6 French, 4 German , 3 Spanish, with many Renaissance, classical, architectures, baroque, courtyard , and Chinese-Western styled.

Shooting time: July-August 2017

Location: Tianjin · Five Avenue

Charles is a freelance photographer from Tianjin and available by the contact card below. 


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Translated and repurposed by Andy Lewis from TianjinExpats

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