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DiDi, the massive ride sharing APP, following recent events that shocked and alarmed the public has responded by choosing to turn off their night time service while they do internal reviews nationwide and make upgrades to their safety measures. 

Here are some solutions TianjinExpats would like to suggest so that you don’t run into problems getting around this upcoming week.

We tested some alternative ride sharing APP's, you can go through the below images to get a better idea how to navigate the application.

嘀嗒出行 - Copy and paste or write this into your app store.

Copy and paste 到易 into your app store. Please note that you will have to charge your account with some money in order to use it.

They have a nice payment and discount system that is very useful when looking for a ride from/to the airport. The repayment system is best used for these types of trips and may be worth setting up for the next time you need a ride to or from the airport - even when Didi is back available 24/7.

After your first recharge you will only use step 1 and 2.

Hailing a taxi on the street may be a little scary if you are not experienced with speaking and negotiating in Chinese. Of course speaking the language will give you a big advantage, but a successful process to handle this with minimal knowledge of the language is -

Some may be eager to use this as an excuse to stay out until the sun rises, others may not... if you'd prefer to be in your bed and not out until the crack of dawn, then you may want to consider Solution #2.

During this period, its important to remember with the decrease in available rides, there will likely be an increase in demand for taxis and rides from 11PM-5AM.

Other applications:
快的打车: When TJX staff tested it, it turned to google map because of foreigner phone OS
if you use it with success please leave us a comment
美团打车: service still not open in Tianjin

Do you know another way to get a ride home? please share it in the comments below! Any valid suggestion will get a reward from TJX

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