Cleaner rivers in Tianjin and surroundings for 2018

Cleaner rivers in Tianjin and surroundings for 2018
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Cleaner rivers in Tianjin and surroundings for 2018


Following the guides of "Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development plan" all fishing industries have been removed from the Yongding River and the Luanhe River Basin since May. And now start the ecological restoration with reintroductions of plants and natural Eco life.


The shortage of water resources and excessive exploitation of these resources makes the water management in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region a vital challenge for the future.


Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative plan to clean the rivers will be applied to: Luanhe River, Chaobai River, North Canal, Yongding River, Daqing River, South Canal; Baiyangdian, Hengshui lake, Beidagang and Nandagang.


The plan involved stopping fish breeding and fish farming into the rivers and reinstallation of proper ecosystem.



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