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Starting the 18th 2019 March WeChat has started to ask for a mandatory identity verification in order to use your wallet. While Alipay is doing it since a long time


How do people select user is not clear, but we can easily guess, that big Wallet users may be more concerned, and it's related to anti money laundering, taxes evasion and criminality recent measures and big data plan.


We advise you to get ready and prepare the materials (passport photo and self-photo) due for the process in your phone in order not to be block at a restaurant for a dream date with no cash and a blocked wallet.


That verification can't be made voluntarily, you will have to WeChat to block your wallet access to access verification procedure.


Don't worry the process is extremely simple, fast and straightforward and takes 10 seconds.


A phone number (no sms verification sent)

Your passport number

Your passport photo

A self-portrait phoo


When you will see the scren above appear, please click on View Details

Sumbit a photo of you passport, your passport number, a photo of yourself and a phone number

A few seconds later you will have your wallet unlocked

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Thank you


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Done it ( but get stucked)
All went well, but I had to wait at least 20 hours before getting my wallet back.
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